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The Crash icons [20 Dec 2006|09:37pm]

Hello, again! :) In the case if someone's interested, I made 8 The Crash icons. Allright, seven of them do have only Teemu, but...

By the way, if you do have some picture that you want to iconize I'm up for requestes. Related to The Crash or bands in some way.


Here they are!

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hi gigolos ;> [23 Nov 2006|04:04pm]

i can't wait 'till the crash comes here! their concert is in december. i have already bought the tickets. 8D

do you guys like their new album "ponyride"? i love it, surprise... stay and filthy flower are the best songs.
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The Crash colorbar... thing. [01 Sep 2006|10:51pm]

Is this community still alive?

Okay, anyways. Because poor me remembered this week being the end of September (...somehow) and that Ponyride would have been released, and it wasn't... Had to make a colorbar to cheer myself up a little.

Here, thank you. It's not too great, but I hope you like. Comments would be nice. :)
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hello ! [25 Jul 2006|12:55am]

4 new teemu icons, comment if you are going to take any and credit if you want...

moreCollapse )
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Newbie and her banners^^ [06 Dec 2005|03:13am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hiya everyone! I've started to fall for The Crash after one of my friends dragged me to see them a few weeks ago. They have many great songs and Teemu's voice is something so special. I've been making graphics bunches and bunches, so it was just a question of time before I started to play around with some cute pics snagged from The Crash's official site. These are dedicated to the special The Crash-obsessive friend. Here's the results, hopefully you're gonna enjoy. ^_^

I don't mind being sugared

(Includes also some LOST-goodies.)

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[11 Nov 2005|01:17am]

Heip! Now that Sugared.org is down for some days we might continue babbling here. Please share your gig reviews, pictures or whatever that has anything to do with The Crash!

My review from Kaarina's gig can be read on my journal. Take care!
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Sugared.org [03 Nov 2004|11:05am]


I was just wondering, how many of you are registered users at Sugared.org's forum? And those of you who aren't, I really recommend joining us. I'm pretty sure all of you know the site, as it is the very best The Crash site in the web. www.sugared.org takes you to the main site.

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Ruisrock [06 Aug 2004|11:50am]

[ mood | good ]

Here are some pictures from Ruisrock:

click me

Hope you like them =)

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Newbie [24 Jul 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | good ]

Hi there. I just saw The Crash live for the first time yesterday at Oulu's Qstock, so I decided to join. The gig was fantastic. <3 Tomi <3 :)


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Ruisrock 2004 [24 Jul 2004|12:48am]

Hi there,
wanted to ask if anybody else has been to Ruisrock and has seen their performance there... =)

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[21 Jul 2004|11:38pm]

Everyone should visit http://www.geocities.com/thecrashfc/est and become a proud member of The Crash FanClub.
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New Tourdates [20 Jun 2004|10:22pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Oh ok - since I have no time for a fanpage at the moment I just started with another community. This is the first entry *hooray* I think I'll spare you an introduction...

I just stumbled on these new tourdates at the official page:

23.06 Kieler Woche / Germany
26.06 Party Planet Festival / Finland
11.07 Ruisrock Festival / Finland
18.07 Ilosaarirock Festival / Finland
23.07 Qstock Festival, Oulu / Finland
31.07 Ankkarock Festival / Finland
06.08 Linnoituksen yö Festival (Lappeenranta) / Finland
07.08 Skanderborg Festival / Denmark
13.08 A-Salzburg, FM4 Frequency Festival / Austria
14.08 LUX-Weiswampach, Rock am See / Luxembourg
15.08 Rothenburg o.d.T., Taubertal Festival / Germany
17.08 Berlin / Magnet / Germany
18.08 Dresden / Star Club / Germany
19.08 Heidelberg / Schwimmbad / Germany
20.08 München / The Atomic Cafe / Germany
21.08 Esslingen / Summerbeats Festival / Germany

So they do come to Germany again - but not exactly northern Germany. Well apart from Kiel which is already next wednesday (and for free, yes this time it's really free) :(

I'll work on a proper layout later this week or so :)

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